• € 2400 per maand
  • Postcode: 5465TG

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You start with a salary between€ 2100 and € 2400 per month (negotiable) and you immediately receive a permanent contract! Does it get any better?! It does! Megagroup offers training opportunities, travel allowances, and day shifts! You’ll never have to get up early for your shift again… Ideal! Don’t wait any longer and readon quickly.

What we offer

  • Monthly salary between€ 2,100 and € 2,400 euros;
  • Permanent contract Megagroup: UNDETERMINED TIME;
  • Working in a fun close-knit team;
  • Growth opportunities such as team leader;
  • Travel allowance up to€6 per day;
  • An extra holiday allowance of 8.33%.

Who you are

As a logistic employee at Megagroup:

  • You want to work in day shift;
  • You love the logistic work environment and would like to be here for a longer period of time;
  • You enjoy working in a team and you already have 1+ years of experience with logistics activities.

What will you do

Megagroup is looking for employees with experience! You need to have good warehouse knowledge and you are no stranger to the logistics sector! Together with the nicest colleagues, you ensure top performance. As a logistics employee at Megagroup, you ensure that everyone can continue to swim. No, not literally of course. You ensure that all swimming pools have their products on time, not only in the Netherlands but also in Poland, Germany, and Denmark. A great goal to pursue together. Sounds good right logistics employee at Megagroup?!

The tasks you will perform are:

  • Order picking with scanner;
  • packaging;
  • Shipping of finished orders;
  • Light administrative tasks such as checking orders for completion;
  • Arranging paperwork.

Where will you work

A high-tech logistic environment with a lot of in-house knowledge. But.. what’s in it for you? Immediately a permanent contract, get paid well, mileage allowance, radio in the warehouse, and training opportunities. If you have been working for a longer period and performing well, there may be opportunities for a team leader position when a vacancy becomes available! So what are you waiting for…. Apply quickly as a logistics employee!

  • Immediate permanent contract
  • Radio in the warehouse;
  • Growth opportunities;
  • Cozy company.

Job application

You can start in the short term! So what are you waiting for? Receive your regular salary quickly. Then don’t wait any longer and apply as a logistics employee! #permanentcontract

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.