• € 20.83 per uur
  • Postcode: 7325WC

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Attention night owls! You can stop your search immediately. I have an offer you can’t ignore! Come work at Wasco in Apeldoorn as an orderpicker in the evening shifts. Here you can earn up to € 20,83 per hour, WOW! And that without resume or motivation letter! Keep reading for more information.

This is not a job + housing vacancy. Contact our EU-flex department by sending an e-mail to lookingforajob@tempo-team.nl or by calling to +31 73 648 9512, option 1.

What we offer

  • A start salary of€ 13,89 by 21+
  • Great working atmosphere!
  • Allowances for working in the night shifts, Whoop!
  • Time for yourself in the daytime, relax!
  • Travel expenses of course!
  • Free weekends, because you deserve some rest!

Who you are

As an orderpicker at Wasco you can put your muscles to work. It is also important that you:

  • Are able to speak and understand the English or Dutch language
  • Have your own transportation to Apeldoorn
  • Are available to work at least three evenings a week

What will you do

I’ll tell you all about the job as an orderpicker at Wasco! You greet your colleagues at the entrance of the building at 18:00. You walk in together, talk about your day, put on your shoes and get to work! You’ll wear a headset. This headset will be your personal assistant and it will tell you where in the warehouse you can find the products. Easy right? You’ll use your muscles to lift the products onto the EPT. Luckily you are strong enough to lift toilet bowls, radiators and other heavy objects, so we have no worries at all that you succeed! With the help of your colleagues it will be done in a minute! Teamwork! You’ll be checking the orders as well. At 1:00 you have finished your shift. Time to relax! You can relax on the weekends as well, because the working days are from Monday until Friday. Wow!

Where will you work

You’ll be working as on orderpicker in the Wasco warehouse in Apeldoorn. Here you can find all kinds of products related to the installation industry, such as toilet bowls and sinks. Wasco is a wholesaler and cares about quality products! But that’s not all, Wasco wants you to enjoy your time at work and give you an opportunity to learn. Fun fact: they are building a new warehouse in Deventer! You could be of help there too! Don’t forget to tell your friends about this great job, because you could receive €250,- for your kind words.

Job application

If you have made it so far, you might as well apply as an orderpicker right now! I will call you within one business day to discuss the opportunities with you. Still have some questions? That’s okay. Calling, emailing or Whatsapp is also possible. Speak to you soon!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.