Production employee medical products (English), Pall Medistad

3 mei 2024
Deadline datum:
16.80 / uur

Vacature beschrijving

Do you like to puzzle and work precisely? And are you a master at following manuals? Yes! Come work as a production employee for medical products at Pall Medistad in Medemblik. You also contribute to the medical world. You earn between€14.00 and €16.80 per hour, depending on which allowances you get. You can start immediately and get full-time work with guaranteed hours. You also work together with enthusiastic colleagues. Apply immediately!

What we offer

  • Hourly wage€ 14,00 per hour
  • Earn€ 16,80 in the evening
  • Full-time job with hourly guarantee
  • Enthusiastic colleagues + good working atmosphere
  • Extra€3,50 allowances per working day
  • Travel allowances up to€ 34,- per day!

Who you are

As a production employee for medical products at Pall Medistad, you are agile and accurate. You enjoy working with your hands and you are good at it. That’s a good start if you are going to assemble! In addition:

  • You are available full-time in two shifts: 06:00-15:00 and 15:00-00:00
  • You can come to work by car, bicycle or on foot because of the working hours
  • You want to start soon

What will you do

As a production employee at Pall Medistad, you can put your puzzling skills to good use in this position. You will be assembling all medical products! You will be Pall’s new Sherlock Holmes. You receive instructions on paper with a drawing and then you figure out what the product will look like. This is how you assemble products step by step. With your eye for detail you ensure that all parts are in place. Examples of medical products are infusion bags or blood bags. You can imagine that this has to be done super hygienically, which is why you work in a so-called cleanroom. A very clean production area. You also wear protective clothing while working. You even get an allowance of€3.50 per working day for this! The best part is that you work together with super enthusiastic colleagues. Your day flies by!

Where will you work

You will work as a production employee for medical products at Pall Medistad in Medemblik. Due to working hours, you cannot come here by public transport. So it is best to arrange your own transport or ride with someone. At Pall Medistad you can count on good employment conditions. You will work full-time and are guaranteed hours. You will receive allowances for working in shifts. You also earn an extra allowance of€ 3.50 for working in a hygienic suit. Good news. You are always free on the weekends. Are you doing well? Then there are opportunities to be taken over!

Job application

Ready to start as a production employee for medical products? Apply immediately. Who knows, you might get started right away next week! Do you have questions or would you like to know more? You can always call, app or email us.

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