Warehouse Employee English vacature regio Noord-Brabant

Warehouse Employee English vacature regio Noord-Brabant

  • Postcode: 4824AP
  • Salaris: € 22.76 per uur

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Would you like to have a good start to the new year? Start a new job at PostNL in Breda. As a warehouse employee you will earn€ 11,38 which can increase to € 22,76 per hour! What else do I have to offer? Please read the vacancy.

What we offer

  • Salary of€ 11,38 per hour (21+)
  • Extra money! After 22h00 you get 20% extra!
  • More money! After 00h00 even 30% extra!
  • A salary of€ 22,76 on Sundays!
  • Travel allowance
  • Possibility of a fixed contract after 6-12 months

Who you are

If you like physical work, then you like this job as a warehouse employee at PostNL in Breda! Besides that, we don’t ask too much. Just the following:

  • a minimum availability of three days per week
  • in the possibility to apply for a certificate of good conduct (VOG).
  • your own transport to get to PostNL Breda. If you don’t, then you can lease a bicycle. Starting from € 0,47 per week!

What will you do

Your job as a warehouse employee at PostNL consists of various tasks:‘opvoeren’, sorting and loading&unloading. What does this mean? Let me explain that to you. Your day will start at 17h30. Several trailers full of parcels will arrive during the shift. These parcels need to be processed in order to send them in the right direction. Firstly, all the parcels are being placed on the conveyor belt: opvoeren. Afterwards, the sorting machine will do its job. However, how do the parcels get in the roll containers again? That’s where we need you to help! You will sort all the parcels on the right postal code. Sounds easy, right? But don’t underestimate it! There are also heavy parcels that you need to sort. Some of them even weigh more than 20 kg or 25 kg. Like we always say: a work-out for free!

  • Loading&unloading of trailers
  • Placing the parcels on the conveyor belt.
  • Sorting of parcels.

Where will you work

At PostNL in Breda! The warehouse is located in the industrial area‘Emer’. It’s located in the northside of the city Breda and it’s well reachable. Unfortunately, not for public transport. As a warehouse employee at PostNL you will find yourself in an international environment. We have loads of people with various nationalities. Therefore, you need to speakEnglish. Your day will start with a stand up meeting. All the results of the previous day will be discussed and the duties will be assigned. After that, you can start your working day as a warehouse employee!

  • Work week from Sunday till Friday.
  • Shifts from 17h30 till 03h00.

Job application

Are you totally satisfied with this opportunity? Apply now for a warehouse employee at PostNL! Within one working day you will receive a call from me. After a short telephonic conversation you may go on tour at our warehouse. On the next page you can already schedule a call appointment with me. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them. You can reach me via telephone, mail and Whatsapp. See you soon!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.

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