Warehouse Employee, Open Hiring

20 juni 2024
Deadline datum:
13.27 / uur

Vacature beschrijving

Welcome to CEVA Logistics in Nieuwegein, where our team is the essence of our success. Interested in becoming a warehouse employee for brands like, Hema, and Bouwmaat, without undergoing a formal interview process? Explore our unique job opportunities at our Open Hiring events. Dive into your new role and become part of our vibrant team today!

what we offer

  • Allowance up to 50% and travel expenses
  • Develop yourself by obtaining certificates
  • Start working without a job interview
  • Consistent working hours
  • Choose your own hours a week: from 32 to 40
  • You can reach our company by public transport

who are you

Friends say you love learning, work hard, and adapt easily. We need these traits in our warehouse team. No experience? No problem. Want to grow in logistics? We have the job for you. Ready for our Open Hiring events?

  • Work day or evening shifts, at least 4 days a week;
  • Has a valid ID card or passport and can apply for a VOG;
  • Can understand Dutch or English work instructions.

what will you do

Every day is unique as a warehouse employee! You’ll handle goods for various clients, from inspecting to preparing shipments. Using a hand scanner is a big part of the job. Yet, CEVA Logistics offers much more than just order picking roles. We’re excited to share all the opportunities at our Open Hiring days. Will you join us?

  • Operate in two shifts, from 07:00 to 16:00 and from 16:00 to 01:00. You can also choose to work only day or evening shifts.
  • work in different departments, so you have a lot of different contact with colleagues.

where will you work

Join CEVA Logistics in Nieuwegein, a top-tier logistics provider. Work in our modern, climate-controlled warehouse, easily reached by public or private transport. From day one, enjoy guidance from friendly colleagues, pension benefits, and flexible vacation policies. Curious? Visit our Open Hiring day on 30 April, 14 May, 28 May or 11 June.

  • The Open Hiring is on 30 April, 14 May, 28 May or 11 June from 13:00 to 15:00;
  • Important note: bring a valid ID card;
  • Address: Inundatiedok 10, 3433 KP Nieuwegein. This warehouse is easily accessible by both car and public transport
  • Travel allowances with a maximum of€ 19.50 per day
  • Acceptable work load

job application

Seize the opportunity to become a warehouse employee with no interview required. Register for our open hiring by hitting the apply button, or drop in at your convenience. Once you apply, our team will reach out to you promptly!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.